PopStar Popcorn Bundles

The perfect mix of popcorn, oil, salt and buttery topping

Premium PopStar yellow butterfly popcorn, PopStar Oil (heart-healthy, 100-percent sunflower oil), Diamond Crystal Salt and Buttery Popcorn Topping. Those four simple ingredients consistently make, what we and many of our customers consider, the perfect popcorn. Simple, delicious and absolutely trans fat free. Plus, sunflower oil is always liquid. It pumps easily even when refrigerated, making preparation easier for concessions teams.

You can purchase PopStar Popcorn, PopStar Oil, Diamond Crystal Salt and Buttery Popcorn Topping using the links below or by visiting our Concessions page. Or we can bundle all four ingredients to the exacting needs of your operation. Delivering just the right amount of each so that you never run out. You can get it all on one order, from one company, Popcorn County USA.

Contact us to learn more about PopStar bundles. Wholesale pricing available.



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