PopStar Convenience Packs

The perfect mix of oil, salt and our special popcorn

PopStar Convenience Packs eliminate the measuring process and guessing game of making classic movie theater popcorn. Each pack features the perfect amount of our Premium PopStar yellow butterfly popcorn, PopStar Oil (heart-healthy, 100-percent sunflower oil), and pure white popcorn salt. Just combine all ingredients in the correct popper at once and heat. Simple, delicious and absolutely trans fat free.

Available in two sizes:

7.89 oz. packs

  • Best for 6 oz. kettles
  • Comes in cases of 36 indiv. packs

10.52 oz. packs

  • Best for 8 oz. kettles
  • Comes in cases of 24 indiv. packs

Please contact us for wholesale pricing.

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